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From: "Bruce Horkings"
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:58:34 -1000
Subject: Re: Bush Rangie vs Lada Niva.

Date sent: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 15:24:57 +0800
From: James Mercer
Organization: Murdoch University
Subject: Bush Rangie vs Lada Niva.

Hi All,

I saw an interesting happening at the Perth 4wd show on Friday night.

John Davis was over here and had a couple of his Bush Rangies/Rangers
with him. After performing some minor repairs to the machine fitted
with the Fielder Air Suspension, he proceeded to drive across the
bullbar of a trashed niva that they had staked down for recovery demos.

John started by driving across the top of the bullbar from right to
left. He just sort of nosed up to the side of the niva and then
applied some power, and the beast just eased its way up the side.
He didn't drive completely over, and had to back the Rangie off.
He next approached the niva from straight on, and ran the Rangies
drivers side wheels up the drivers side of the niva. He didn't stop
the rangie till its front tyre was directly over the drivers seat
of the niva. He couldn't drive completely over the top as the back of
the niva was lashed to a largish tree :).

John told me that he would send me the photo to add to my Rangie home

The green rangie with the Air suspension is fitted with a 4.6lt
Supercharged v8 producing ~500HP (I think). John also mentioned
something about building a mid-engined racing Rangie fitted with an
american built racing v8 and a 6 speed gear box (I think 6lt and

Someone also had a v8 off-road racing Defender capable of 250km/h.

Land Rover didn't supply any vehicles for the test track either :(.


PS: Apparently the Fielder air suspension will be fittable to the old
leaf sprung Land Rovers... :)


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