The Bushranger

Get the Australian Bush, add a Range Rover, and you get a...

Timor Caves, Timor, near Scone, NSW. (Dec 1997) Quirindi Creek, near Quirindi, NSW. (Dec 1997)

For all the local goss on the original UK built Dakar 4x4, jump on over to Dakar Owners & Drivers Organisation.


Specifications and Options Optional Extras
MUD-222 vs Lada Niva SofCom's description of Air Fielder suspension.
The Bushie Ute.

Before the mud... (Jamboree, April 1998) After the mud... (Jamboree, April 1998)

For Sale Advertisements

JDM Advertisement for Bushrangers. Build your own Bushranger.
For Sale: Bushy in Narrabri.


Bushranger Brilliance. Out To Lunge.
Just Wild about his Rangie. Captain Thunderbolt.
Rover goes Bush - Herald Sun. 29th April, 1999. Brutus - Australian 4wd Monthly, July 2001.">

Add some paint and a few guns. (Car stereo soundoff at Griffith, NSW, Nov 99 Add some Boggers.


Photo Gallery #1. Bushy in 1997-1998. The 1998 RFWDCA Jamboree. Milbrodale, NSW.
Photo Gallery #2. Bushy collection from John Davis Motorworks The 1999 RFWDCA Jamboree. Bathurst, NSW.
Photo Gallery #3. 1998-1999. The 2000 RFWDCA Jamboree. Dunedoo, NSW
Photo Gallery #4. The NEW Y2K Bushy colour scheme.
Photo Gallery #5. October 2000. The 1998 Emu Creek Jamboree. NSW vs QLD.
Modifications to the Bush. The 1999 Emu Creek Jamboree. QLD vs NSW.
The 1999 Australian Nissan Trials

Add a few girls... Jan '01.

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John Davis Motorworks - builds the Bush Ranger vehicle in Sydney, Australia. - Email John or Bruce Davis
Phone them on: +61 2 96791179 (Sydney, Australia)

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